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Import and export consultancy
OMAR TRADECO foreign trade import and export Consulting helps you represent your brand in the international arena.
OMAR TRADECO provides import and export consultancy services by helping to ensure that the developing and changing trade around the world becomes global for our country. Although there are many incentives and opportunities, the right buyers and sellers are met by developing an innovative business system in import and export, which our country has lagged behind.
While we reach information in a short time, we do not make enough use of the ease of technology in terms of exports and imports. However, by setting the right target in the areas of B2B, B2C, B2G and B2M, it is quite easy for buyers and sellers to meet without wasting time. OMAR TRADECO, which cooperates with a large number of countries on this issue, aims to be the biggest jump point from approaching the 2023 targets of export volume, which will reach different dimensions. Exports, which are already a functioning process, are becoming more organic in terms of digital channels, databases and fieldwork.
Despite all these opportunities, it may not be easy for a product or service to reach the right target audience by conducting the right Sunday Research. Foreign trade experts, who ensure the most accurate functioning of the system, ensure the positive management of the process by making a complete planning. Because in the export process, the goal is to be involved in a wheel that works 365 days and 24 hours without interruption. By including companies in this wheel, we create a specific strategy for each of them by going through strategic planning and corporate analysis processes. So the success rate is higher.
While you have the advantage of working with a team of experts in import and export consulting, you will get the benefits of becoming known abroad. What product, where do you import the most profitable result? Having the level of expertise to answer these and similar questions, our team has mastered the operation of the system with 8 years of experience. It is aimed to create a foreign trade culture that will best ensure the supply/demand balance through visits and connections to different countries. With OMAR TRADECO, who has a professional level of competence and performs the presentation of your brand with prestige studies to determine the right path in foreign trade expertise, your path will go all over the world.
Foreign Trade Consultancy
Companies included in the OMAR TRADECO system, which performs two-way foreign trade consulting, are directed to the right markets in accordance with the goals and strategies. Potential buyers in international markets are identified and submitted for company approval. Along with the CRM process, it is also possible to realize the first sales by making logistics plans. The presentation of your company to potential buyers takes place with the expertise of OMAR TRADECO. In this way, other processes and proposals are prepared in the most appropriate way for the corporate identity.
Our company, which works with a minimum risk and maximum results focus on companies, will help you to provide foreign trade consultancy support. Even if your company does not have a foreign trade department, our experts will be on duty to perform all the functions of this department.
OMAR TRADECO, who uses all his competencies to achieve the 500 billion dollar goal planned to be realized in the 100th year of the Republic of Turkey, will support this process by creating a foreign trade culture in many areas, from textiles to cosmetics, from heating systems to food. Our team, which thinks best for you, provides the following services within the scope of foreign trade consultancy:
- Target is determined with companies that want to open to the foreign market.
- Corporate export system is established
- Marketing strategies are determined
- Target markets and market entry strategies are prepared
- Potential buyers are identified and legal legislation, customs, logistics and other processes are organized.
Our import and export consultancy service, which provides professional services and provides communication with buyers who appeal to your sector in different countries, is carried out in accordance with the demands and target audience analysis abroad. Your current trade volume is re-evaluated by analyzing all the successful or unsuccessful results of your foreign trade policy and addressing it in line with your specific goal. Details such as changing the current operational stages if necessary, reviewing products offered to the foreign market to increase profitability, are personalized specifically for each institution. In this way, a foreign trade strategy is planned that is specific to the products and services of your company profile.
365 days sustainable import and export
Globalization, one of the achievements brought by the internet, provides 365 days of sustainable exports and imports. Even if you rest, many extra work, such as SEO work, advertising and brand awareness, will continue to exist for 24 hours without interruption. At the other end of the world, your potential customers who need your products but do not know your brand become as close to you as a phone thanks to the internet and foreign trade consulting service. In order to participate in this type of trade volume and capture opportunities, you just need to determine your corporate foreign trade strategy and sit back. OMAR TRADECO experts, who promise a foreign trade culture that has an innovative and modern point of view in our country, include our company, whose capacity is sufficient for international trade, in this global network. Thanks to import and export consulting, it also allows you to import raw materials needed for production from another branch.
Exports, which will allow fluctuations in the domestic market to enter the balance, provide you with more profit opportunities, as well as provide competitiveness to a level superior to your competitors. On the one hand, increase your employment capacity, and on the other hand, you can increase the awareness of your brand from a universal point of view. By getting support on many issues, such as government incentives, you can appeal to a wider audience of buyers internationally.
For your company operating in the production sector, you can provide better quality and abundant raw materials, import different product groups and present them to the domestic market. Either way, your brand continues to exist for 365 days, earning you money.
OMAR TRADECO Foreign Trade Service
OMAR TRADECO, while providing foreign trade consultancy services, closely follows the legal processes in many different sectors such as combi spare parts, large size women's clothing and cosmetics sector, which is its main export item. It also informs companies about product groups whose imports are restricted to our country. Going down this path without knowing a large number of details, such as delivery processes, logistics and quotas, also brings serious risks. Some countries impose quotas on imports and exports. If you do not have a foreign trade team to follow them closely, you can rely on the experience of our experts. You should not start this process until important considerations such as whether your products will be of interest in the foreign market, how imbalances in contracts and exchange rates will affect the process are known. All possibilities such as payment subject and sales less than expected will be examined by our team. OMAR TRADECO, a professional import and export consultancy, will provide an innovative perspective on the classic Foreign Trade principle and make things progress.
The most important benefit of international exports is to reduce unit costs by ensuring full use of production capacity. It is not possible to make a high profit on each product and to carry out a smooth trade. In order to make these predictions, it is necessary to master trade in the international arena. That's why you need to work with a professional consulting company. Sometimes direct exports, sometimes indirect exports must be managed by the process. OMAR TRADECO experts help you determine your export and import strategy by best analyzing what process you will be involved in. You can reach your corporate identity to a global level by getting professional perspectives that will allow you to meet the right target countries and buyers.