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Business Development Support Program
Existing businesses can apply for support on the following issues by launching the program. The duration of the support program is two years. The support rate is 60%. Within two years after the start of the program, support for appropriate expenses can be applied for the following issues:
a) domestic fair support
b) foreign business trip support
c) qualified employee employment support
d) industrial property rights support
d) certification support
e) Test and analysis support

Domestic fair support: this support covers the costs of free space (space) rent and standard stand construction and decoration at fairs that are covered by KOSGEB and will be attended by the Fair organizer.
The support area is 50 (Fifty) m2 within the maximum amount limit per enterprise for each fair participation.
During the Program, the upper limit of support is 50,000. 00 TL.

Foreign business trip support: the purpose of this support is to enable businesses to establish or increase their international business associations.
Businesses are supported by their participation in foreign business trip programs supported by KOSGEB.
This support, Kosgeb units, Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), Turkish Confederation of artisans and artisans (TESK), Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) or Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) organized by business representatives in foreign business trip programs;
a) accommodation expenses,
b) transportation costs (if you are going to the country where the foreign business trip is organized or more than one country from the current place, airline/road/rail/ sea round-trip transportation ticket fees made from country to country),
c) it covers translation, guidance expenses, fair entry fees and meeting-Organization expenses related to the foreign business trip program.
The upper limit of support per business for each foreign business trip is 10,000 (ten thousand) TL for North America, South America and Australia and Asia Pacific countries and 5,000 (five thousand) TL for other countries, including the people's Republic of China.
During the support program, the upper limit of support is 30,000 (thirty thousand) TL.

Qualified employee employment support: the purpose of this support is to increase the employment of qualified labor in enterprises.
Support is provided for newly employed qualified personnel during the support program period. This support is provided for an employee who has not been employed in the last 12 (twelve) months as of the date of entry into the business requesting payment, has graduated from a higher education institution and works full-time in the business.
During the support program, the upper limit of support is 50,000 (fifty thousand) TL.

Industrial property rights support: the purpose of this support is to ensure the protection of industrial property rights of enterprises.
a) patent, utility model certificate, Industrial Design Registration Certificate and Integrated Circuit topographies registration certificate to obtain the Turkish Patent and Trademark institution (TÜRKPATENT) payments and Patent and trademark attorney expenses,
b) in order to obtain a Patent, utility model certificate, Industrial Design Registration Certificate, Integrated Circuit topographies Registration Certificate and foreign Trademark Registration Certificate, TURKPATENT equivalent is supported by payments made to foreign institutions/organizations.
For each document received/received from turkpatent, the upper limit of support to be provided to the business is 5,000 (five thousand) TL, and for each document received/received from turkpatent counterpart foreign institutions/organizations, the upper limit of support is 10,000 (ten thousand) TL.
During the support program, the upper limit of support is 30,000 (thirty thousand) TL.

Certification support: the purpose of this support is to enable businesses to standardize their products, services and processes.
Businesses; Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), Turkish accreditation agency (türkak) and that have been accredited by TURKAK institutions/organizations they are accredited from the areas of receivables, products, systems, personnel, laboratory accreditation documents, the accreditation body for halal (RIGHT) and rights that have been accredited by institutions/organizations accredited by TURKAK in any subject to be obtained from documentation and the documentation certification organizations receivables from occupational health and Safety (Occupational Health and safety management system (OHSAS ISO 18001), TS ISO 45001:2018, etc.) related expenses are supported. This support covers the fee paid for the document (application and file review, audit, audit, test and document fee).
ISO/IEC 15408 ISO/IEC 19790 ISO/IEC 24759 ISO/IEC 15504, TS 13298, 9241151 ISO, ISO/IEC 25051, ISO/IEC 40500:2012 ISO/IEC 12207, ISO/IEC 15288 and ISO/IEC 17025 scope of the documents in the support for the upper limit of 10,000 (ten thousand) TL, the support for them and documents outside the upper limit of 2,500 (two thousand five hundred) TL.
During the support program, the upper limit of support is 50,000 (fifty thousand) TL.

Test and analysis support: the purpose of this support is to enable businesses to improve product quality.
Companies, public organizations and university laboratories will receive products, materials, parts, samples related to testing, analysis, control-inspection and accredited testing, analysis, control-inspection in domestic and foreign laboratories will receive support for the service costs. Expenses related to services received from KOSGEB laboratories are outside the scope of support.
Testing, analysis and control-inspection of the products, materials, parts and samples to be subjected to the service; dispatch, insurance and similar expenses and the personnel providing the service if these services are performed in the operating facilities; accommodation, transportation and transportation expenses are not covered by the support.
During the support program, the upper limit of support is 50,000 (fifty thousand) TL.

Entrepreneur Support Program
Entrepreneur candidates who have the idea of starting a business by creating a business in their head can apply for an Entrepreneurship Support Program if they establish their business after receiving Kosgeb entrepreneurship training before officially establishing their business. The Program is divided into manufacturer and service / Retail-Wholesale sector and the support information is as follows:

Establishment support (both manufacturer and service/retail-wholesalers) real person business £ 5,000
Capital company operating £ 10,000
Machinery, equipment and software support
(Manufacturers only) £ 100,000 to businesses operating at low medium-low technology level,
200.000 TL for enterprises operating at medium-high technology level,
Enterprises operating at a high-tech level
£ 300,000,
(Support rate is 75%.)

Performance Support
(Both manufacturer and service/retail-wholesalers) first performance period
- 180-539 days and 5,000 TL
- 540-1079 days 10.000 TL
- 1080 and above days 20,000 TL second performance period
- 360-1079 days and 5,000 TL
- 1080-1439 days and 15,000 TL
- 1440 and above days 20,000 TL